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Avondmarkt Roest 


Coffeereading is also ideal for an original activity during an event or a birthday party. Over the years I have been doing the readings at several locations ranging from a large casino's, coffee fairs, business meetings and private parties at home or for mothers day. 

If you are looking for an original activity for your party, festival or event, please contact me with your ideas. 

Often I collaborate and I love a great vibe. Together we can find the ideal atmosphere with decorations or I can make as special video to inform your guests. 

Below you can find examples of events. 




Let's Get Married - Emporium of Wonders valentine's special

Koffiedikkijken2016 - media event in collaboration with KIT tropentheater

Old school restaurant - during dinner and theme night

Neighbourfoodfestival - festival Westerpark

Rijk van de Keizer - mothersday special event

Nomadica - nomadic art festival organised by Be-hives

Culinarist - during an exclusive Turkish dinner

Hotel Buiten - during event Sunny Side Up 

Emporium of Wonders - Halloween special i

1001 Nacht feest - themenight in Casino of Rijswijk



What else makes the event so special? 


  • Marieke works with several shops that provide a charming setting with beautiful furniture, lamps, rugs and cushions in case you don't have the right decoration.

  • For a more exclusive experience it is possible to design a special area, and to let Marieke help, along with interior designers to makes creative plans to fit your wishes.

  • It is also possible to work together on a special film, which your logo or company name,  special images of the event or a logo of your company can appear in the short film. This film is projected during the event in space.

  • Marieke is an artist and likes to think about a certain style, clothing and decor that suits the location.


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