About me

My name is Maro Gold.

Since childhood I have had a higher consciousness, a strong intuition and sensitivity, an inner knowing. Since a young age I started to give Reiki Sessions and deep healing massages.

My ability to channel information was awakened in Istanbul, Turkey where I lived and worked for a long time.


I started to practice the readings to friends and family in Turkey and continued to practice in The Netherlands. Naturally I got invitations to give readings and started my own business. 

As the feedback was always so surprising and positive I started to really enjoy the readings and decided to make a website and do the readings on a more frequent basis. 

In 2017, I moved to Bali, the healing centre of the world, where my spiritual gifts were more and more present. 

I followed a Theta Healing course to implement in the readings, and found that this form of healing was a great addition to the readings I was already giving.

Over a period of time I can now say I must have done over 1000 readings and I never get tired from it. I always meet very inspiring people and learn from each and every individual. 

I truly enjoy the challenge and am grateful to have a look into the magic of time because the past, present and future show us incredible perspectives. 




© maro gold

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