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About me

My name is Marieke Warmelink. Since childhood I have had a higher consciousness, a strong intuition and sensitivity. 

I first learned about coffeereading in Turkey, where I lived and worked for a long time. It opened my horizon as I finally found a medium which could channel my 'inner state of being'. I started to practice the readings to friends and family in Turkey and continued to practice in The Netherlands. Naturally got more invitations to read one to one sessions at parties and events. 

As the feedback was always so surprising and positive I started to really enjoy the readings and decided to make a website and do the readings on a more frequent basis. 

Over a period of time I can now say I must have done over 1000 readings and I never get tired from it. I always meet very inspiring people and learn from each and every individual. 

I truly enjoy the challenge and am grateful to have a look into the magic of time because the past, present and future show us incredible perspectives. 

Also I am happy to let you know I am now a qualified Reiki & Theta Healer, which means I can combine the reading with complimentary healing sessions. It is a golden package and works very effective. 


Marieke Warmelink, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam during a coffee reading event. 

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