Wow. Wat een mooie lezing Marieke! Dankjewel. Bedankt voor je aanmoedigende verwoordingen :))) je bent er echt goed in zeg!


- Tania A

Wow. Wat een mooie lezing Marieke! Dankjewel. Bedankt voor je aanmoedigende verwoordingen :))) je bent er echt goed in zeg!


- Tania A

Respons van vorige bezoekers

online lezing

Ik ben even van mijn apropos...Je lezing heeft mij (aangenaam) verrast en het is zowel verhelderend als confronterend. Dankjewel voor je lezing. Het is erg interessant gezien we elkaar nooit ontmoet hebben.


- Nur G.

The coffeereading was an enormously deep experience, I am still thinking about it, thank you so much!



- Dia H.

'Marieke very kindly gave me a coffee reading a few months ago and I’m so amazed at what she was able to see. It was almost as if the coffee granules gave her a map into my world and she followed the lines like a compass guiding the story. She was able to see and feel into elements of my future unfolding, with some broader visions as well as quite specific points. As the months opened up in front of me and I read back on the reading months later, I was able to see how it all related. It was so insightful. I would really recommend to anyone that’s intrigued to try it, Marieke has a beautiful way of telling the story through the cup.'


-Joanna L.

“You said every single word that is in me, I have no words for it, it’s so crystal clear”

Maria C.

"i am so thankful we connected and thank you. It is great to be able to reach out to like minded people.It makes sense, it makes a lot of sense" 


-Cathia T.

It was incredible how everything was so spot on whatMarieke saw in the coffee and themes that were discussed for the three of us. The insights we have gained from the session feel important now but I have the feeling that they last for at at least a year. Beforehand I was quite nervous, it's also just exciting that the coffeereading may uncover something about yourself but ultimately it's just really nice to enter this blind spot. It was a special experience and the friends with whom I did the session with described it as something that will stay with them for a long time.


- Anna v D

Wow, what a beautifull reading Marieke, Thank you so much for your encouraging words ;))) you are really good at this!


- Tania A

The session felt very special. The first few words were an instant hit! I listened with amazement. Marieke has clearly expressed and clearly described my situation so she could  also give concrete advice. I thought it was confronting, affirmative and encouraging. Thank you!!


- Tatiana R

 I am slightly confused....Your reading has (positively) suprised me and is very much clearifying as well as confronting. Thank you for your reading. It is really interesting as we have never met each other before. 


- Nur G.

Marieke Warmelink is really good at this, You dont tell her anything and she can read about you in the coffee, it is very special! . 


- Rosemarie B.

Can't get over your reading!!! I'm reading every hour to remember stuff & keep them in my mind, thank you!


- Nawar A.

"I asked Marieke through Whatsapp to read what the patterns that remained in my tumeric latte cup after I drank it and played with it. She lives in Bali, and at that moment I was based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her intuition and empathy blew me away. How could a person who barely know me point at the crucial "knots" in my life with such precision and such a compassion? This is still a mystery to me, but what I know is that she helped me gain more clarity as to what is going on in my life in such a respectful and judgement-free way.
Thank you Marieke, you really rock at what you do!!"


Yesterday I received a coffee reading of Marieke, and again it was spot on, both confronting as well as motivating. She learned the craft of coffeereading in Turkey and has helped lot of people ever since.


- Lenneke B

Marieke's online coffee reading without real coffee in front of me, felt a bit weird at the first place, but actually I was very happy with her written review of my life question(s).
It enabled me to go through her answer a couple of times and fundamentally understand in what direction I could lead my life to. She gave me a very detailed answer, which surprised me, it means she really takes her time and cares about your life questions.
I can definitely recommend a coffee reading session with Marieke, it added more food for thought! 

Bella R.

A Very clear and precise advice! Simply unbelievable !!! 



 No words for this session. Very special what happened with regard to solving blockages and transforming them. Marieke sees the core, touched me in my soul of old beliefs which I could let go, tears flowed down my cheeks. So many valuable tips and healing. Marieke thank you for who you are. An angel on earth. Thank you for this special transformation. The Physical cramps I had are gone and I feel being reborn, I feel a different person. 


A nice healing and helped to gain awareness of processes and blockages and self-acceptance. really recommended 



Have allowed so many tears, and have let them go. Very special. It happened, I spoke from my heart, everything that bothered me. The words came naturally because they could be received by this angel. Marieke is present with so much care and attention.


- Yara

The coffeereading was a deep and meaningful experience. Thank you and I am thinking of you.


- Dia H.

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