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Coffee reading

The Coffee reading is an ancient tradition that is passed from generation to generation and is found in the Balkan region such as Turkey, Greece, Arab countries and countries in the Middle East. Personally I have learned the skills of coffee reading in Turkey, where I lived and worked for a long time.

If you come for a private reading you drink the coffee and turn the cup over onto the saucer. When the cup has cooled down (after 5-10 minutes) I take the cup for a reading. On the basis of the coffeepulp left in the cup, patterns and symbols arise. I read these images and channel information about important events in your life.

I get this information intuitively and I enjoy passing this information on to others. You can read more about me here.

If you would like to watch a short video of how this works click here.

While reading the coffee, I can give you very personalized advice about your past, present and future. You can ask any particular question or simply let me explain. I can unfold perspectives in a way that new opportunities arise. Because I can read a certain situation within time including all hidden aspects, I can provide you with a simple overview in which you can understand situations better and respond to it in a different way. I do not have to know anything in advance about your life to do a reading.

You can read experiences here 


Coffeereading is an ideal gift for yourself or to make someone else happy. You can have a reading on your own, with a friend or even with a partner together. I also do online readings, readings at events and birthday parties.

Readings can take 10 to 90 minutes or longer depending if you would like an introduction to coffee reading or you would like to have additional advice. You can ask any specific question at any time or  to discuss something more specifically. 



Watch the video and see how coffee reading works
 (Dutch and English subtitles)

online lezing

Experiences/Respons previous readings

Wow, what a beautifull reading Marieke, Thank you so much for your encouraging words ;))) you are really good at this!


Wow. Wat een mooie lezing Marieke! Dankjewel. Bedankt voor je aanmoedigende verwoordingen :))) je bent er echt goed in zeg!


- Tania A

The coffeereading was an enormously deep experience, I am still thinking about it, thank you so much!



Dat koffiedik kijken was een enorm diepe ervaring. Ik denk er aan en dank je!


- Dia H.

 I am slightly confused....Your reading has (positively) suprised me and is very much clearifying as well as confronting. Thank you for your reading. It is really interesting as we have never met each other before. 


Ik ben even van mijn apropos...Je lezing heeft mij (aangenaam) verrast en het is zowel verhelderend als confronterend. Dankjewel voor je lezing. Het is erg interessant gezien we elkaar nooit ontmoet hebben.


- Nur G.

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