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The Coffee reading is an ancient tradition that is passed from generation to generation and is found in the Balkan region such as Turkey, Greece, Arab countries and countries in the Middle East. Personally I have learned this in Turkey, where I lived and worked for a long time. On the basis of the coffeepulp left in the cup, I see images that give information about important events in your life. I get this information intuitively, where I enjoy passing this information on to others.  


While reading the coffee, I can give you very personalized advice about your past, present and future. You can ask any particular question or simply let me explain.  I can unfold perspectives in a way that new opportunities arise. Because I can read a certain situation within time including all hidden aspects, I can provide you with a simple overview in which you can understand situations better and respond to it in a different way.

Since childhood I have had a higher consciousness, a strong intuition and sensitivity. I do not have to know anything in advance about your life to do a reading. 



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